Triple Topping Games
Copenhagen, Denmark

Release date:

November 7, 2018
Open for pre-orders


iOS, App Store
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PC, Steam



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iOS and Android




Spitkiss is a trippy story of boundless and unconventional love, told through precision platforming. You play as the spitkissers, sending messages of love and hope back and forth the only way you can: precisely navigating spitballs through a variety of carefully crafted platforming stages. For those truly dedicated to the cause of love there will be extra challenges and additional ways to play each level.

The game includes themes of polyamory and genderfluid/non-binary identities on two layers. One story takes place in the metanarrative of the spitkissers, the other in the hand-drawn story of the life of Ymer, the person whose body their story takes place inside.

Featuring 80 levels with many hidden extras and replayable modes on release.


  • Crazy fun love story
  • Cute comic art
  • Brand new swipe-to-jump platforming design that allows play with just one hand.
  • Easy to learn – hard to master
  • Short challenging levels that will satisfy even the veteran platformer fans.


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This is a game that doesn’t just elevate the mobile platform with its balance between mechanics and narrative, but the videogame medium as well.
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It might be gross, it might be controversial, but Spitkiss is also a really awesome platformer. 4.5/5 Gold Rating
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What’s really cool about Spitkiss is its one-thumb controls that allow you to fling your character’s spit around each level.
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The story of Triple Topping Games’ Spitkiss puts polyamory front and centre.
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The cute look, the ingenious gameplay and the ridiculously low price make Spitkiss a must-have!
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Spitkiss Credits

Astrid Refstrup
CEO, Triple Topping Games

Simon Stålhandske
Creative director, Triple Topping Games

Anne Sigismund
Art director

Murray Somerville

Morten Brunbjerg

Troels Nygaard
Audio & music

Line Schmidt
Additional art